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Follow Up - Things to Remember

Follow up immediately. Email. Usually the same day or night of the event. Send a thank you card!! Make you phone call three days later to see about “a cup of coffee”

Take notes – Back of business card. Write down date of event. Name of event. Briefly describe what your conversation was about.

Connect on LI/FB/X/Insta. This is needed in today’s environment.

Keep it short. Brevity is key.

Send thank you card!! I think I’ve said it enough!

Things to Remember

It’s not a BC exchange. Don’t go in and start handing out Business Cards like their free. They are not!

Treat everyone like a friend not just a business contact. You will never know when this will help you.

Pay attention – Don’t think about your next question when talking. Listen to what they are saying. Contribute (if you can). See how you can help them.

Remember this line. It will make your prospect really feel that you are trying to help their business. How can I tell who will be a good prospect for you!

Stay organized. In the beginning this will be easy. Once you begin to go to more networking events or have more meetings, this is imperative.

Forgetfulness is failure. If you are not organized, you will forget at least 50% of what your meeting was about. If you do, why did you go in the first place? Just write off that meeting or networking event like you never went.

Know when enough is enough – They’re not interested

Maintain soft connection – FB/LI/X/Insta

Send thank you cards whenever you can (hmmm, I think I’m trying to make a point)

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