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On Monday, January 13, 2020, Michael A. Forman addressed the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs. During Mr. Forman’s presentation, he urged us to watch our F.O.R.M. while we build business relationships. He explained his easy-to-remember acronym one letter at a time with anecdotal stories to illustrate things TO-DO as well as things NOT-TO-DO.

Starting with the letter F, which stands Family. Michael emphasized the importance of building relationships. The best way to do this is by talking about one or two things that everyone loves to talk about, themselves or their family. Either one is bound to offer an opening for casual conversation.

The letter “O” stands for Observation. As a tool for opening a conversation, he notes that it is usually very easy to scan an office setting for things of interest. These are the things for which that person cares about most and will likely enjoy discussing. Forman says to just let that conversation flow and to NOT bring up any kind of business. This causal talk leads to building a lasting rapport.

The third letter is “R” which is for rapport. When a conversation flows comfortably, a gradual trust is built and walls that separate you can be removed.

The last letter is “M” which stands for mantra. His mantra goes like this:

They have to know you. They have to like you. They have to TRUST you.

When they trust you, they will likely do business with you.

Michael spoke about the importance of an immediate follow-up message. A hand-written thank you card is essential and should not be overlooked.

The Rotary Club of Sandy Springs would like to thank Michael for sharing his concise and informative presentation for business networking.

Michael A. Forman presenting important business relationship building tools to the Sandy Springs Rotary Club

When they trust you, they will likely do business with you.
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