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The Art of Networking

Networking is an art – and like any art – it requires practice to hone the skills necessary to succeed. Whether you are just starting out, have been networking for a while, or even consider yourself a networking maven, this book will help you focus on refining your skills and increasing your expertise.

Like any goal in life, knowing what you want to accomplish is only half the equation. Once you set your goals, you need to educate yourself on the best way to achieve them. You need a plan of action and you need to understand the steps necessary to get there. The information presented here should help you on your journey to becoming a successful Networker in order to develop productive business relationships that allow you to grow your business

Let's start off with a teaser.

Two friends, Fred and Marty, were out fishing. There was a lake that they knew where the “fish were biting”. They set up camp and each took their gear to a different end of the lake, agreeing to meet back at camp at 6 o’clock that evening. Well, Fred went to the north end of the lake and Marty want to the south end. They spent the whole day fishing. When they returned, Marty, had caught ten fish. He smiled and said that “we are going to eat well tonight!”. Fred, who went to the north end had only one fish. He was a little upset that he had spent the whole day for only caught 1 fish.

So, they agreed that the next day, they would switch, with Fred going south and Marty going north. Well, 6 o’clock rolled around and again, Marty caught ten fish while Fred only caught one! What was going on, he wondered?

“What are you doing when you get to your spot?” Marty asked. Fred quickly replied “I set up my gear, get my music ready, play it at a reasonable volume and then start fishing. When I want to have lunch, I stop, get out my pots and pans, cook a little, eat, and then go back to fishing.” “Well, that’s your problem” Marty said – you are scaring the fish away with all your noise.

Going fishing in a lake is a lot like going to a networking event. The whole idea of Networking is to create the opportunity to build relationships with new people and businesses that will then help you grow your business. But – you have to know how to do it properly or you are just scaring away the opportunity.

Stay tuned for what is next!

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