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The Art of Networking: Be Kind

Make to the first move. Make the first move to introduce yourself.  Talk to someone that looks lost or is out of the conversations.

Don’t expect immediate gratification.  Try to help them first.

Relax … Relax … Relax.  They can tell when your nervous or out of it.  Remember your speaking with friends not contacts.

Practice … Practice … Practice.  It’s the only way you can get better.

Focus on building relationships not contacts.  You are not out to win everybody you meet.

Keep in touch  FB/Li/TW/Insta

Be humble

For instance, the way we ask for something

Excuse me but …   You will be amazed at how far this little phrase will get you.Request instead of order.  It’s amazing how you ask for something.  The response you get is much better.


Accept the blame – Give the credit.  Is this so hard.  Maybe for your ego it is.  Don’t be the person who always says “I didn’t do it!”.  If you are in a management position, this is critical.  Imagine the people working under you thinking that you will always have their back!Relax. Say something like “I’m sorry, my bad.”  Be the person that says “if it weren’t for Karen I don’t think we could have done it.”

Be consistent in your actions.  If you change every time you do something, people will realize it and never ask you for anything.

Remain humble after victory.  If you beat somebody out of a deal be humble, don’t gloat.

Naturally nod your head yes.  When speaking with somebody, naturally nod your head yes and they will be willing to share more.

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