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The Art of Networking: Business Networking Take Aways

Make networking a regular activity. Put it on your calendar. Try to go to 2 events a week. Make it a goal. There are plenty of events around. If the events are within an hour of you, they are fair game.

Stop relying on the internet. The internet is good and has its place. There is no replacement for face to face. They will Know You by the internet. They might even Like You (but I doubt it). They definitely won’t Trust You. Nothing like meeting someone face to face.

Know who you’re reaching out to. Should I say more. Don’t just “willy nilly” your contacts. Pick and choose them. Then make it a mission to meet them.

Use positive language – Positivity. Would you rather do business with a person who is not upbeat, happy and is always positive? Neither will your prospective clients.

Cultivate your Power Contacts

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