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The Art of Networking: Follow up / Mantra

Here is an outline to follow up with someone.

When you go back to your office/home, send an email thanking them for their time.

That evening sent a hand-written thank you note. Nothing says it better than your perspective client getting a hand-written thank you. About three days later, follow up with a phone call and set up a “cup of coffee” or something. If you start out making “relationships” instead of clients, you will hold on to them much longer.

Don’t ever think that somebody is beneath you. There is ALWAYS somebody higher than you. You should give the same Politeness / Respect to a janitor as you do to a CEO. You never know who-is-who today.

One of my past jobs was really a cold calling type of job. When I was walking out of a 7-11 (sort of a quick mart) I saw this gentleman throwing trash away into a dumpster. He was an elderly man; his car was from the 1970’s and he wasn’t exactly dressed well. I thought what the heck. I’m here already I might as well approach him. I walked up, said hello, and gave him my quick 30 sec elevator speech (which was really 15 seconds). He looked at me with a puzzling look and replied “Wow! That’s interesting. Can you follow me to where I work, it’s just around the corner.” I did just that. But what I found was this his place of work was a 30 room motel. He owned it! He sat me down. Listened to what I had to say. And bought my product. Nobody was more surprised than me. It just goes to show you, you never know who you are talking to.

Mantra Know you. Like You. Trust You. Only then will they do business with you.

Whether you in a social setting, a chamber of commerce meeting or even a referral by someone and sitting with them alone. Always remember the Mantra. Because you need all three to be successful.

Know you. Like You. Trust You. Only then will they do business with you.

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