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The Art of Networking: Humor/Thank You Notes

With anything that you do, humor will likely be something that puts people at ease. People will relax more with a little humor.

But … Don’t TRY to be funny! Your prospect can tell if you are trying to be funny and your meeting will be over in a minute. If you are not a naturally funny person or are uncomfortable being humorous – try something else. But if you are, make sure whatever you say or comment on is in good taste. Nothing dirty. You will know by their reactions to what you say whether or not humor is good option.

If you get anything from this book it should be this. Don’t forget the Thank You Notes!! I cannot stress the importance of this. After you meet with someone that interests you, write them a Hand Written Thank You note. Not email or just a verbal thank you.

Handwritten thank you notes give you the opportunity to get a little more personal. Sending a handwritten note is a thoughtful gesture, so be thoughtful with what you include in it. It's a good idea to pick a subject that you discussed during the interview and expand on it.

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