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The Art of Networking: Smile


It’s the easiest thing to do but we often forget to do it. You probably smile whenever entering your networking meeting and greeting people – it’s natural. But, about 30 seconds into the event, your smile is dwindling, and you don’t even realize it. Forty-eight percent of all Americans feel that a smile is the most memorable feature after first meeting someone.

Wouldn’t you like people to think of you in a positive and upbeat way? While smiling is important, you don't want to have a cheesy, forced or nervous one plastered across your face, so try to be genuine. – even a small grin can go a long way.

Try this technique. When somebody speaks to you, smile and nod your head as if you are agreeing with what they have to say. Even if you are not, you will convey the sense that you are interested, and you will leave them with a positive impression of you.

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