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The Art of Networking: Things to Remember

•       Make networking a regular activity

•       Stop relying on the internet

•       Know who you’re reaching out to

•       Use positive language – Positivity

•       Cultivate your Power Contacts

•       Don’t expect anything

•       Take every opportunity to meet new people

•       Focus on how you can help

•       Go alone

•       Don’t forget your business cards

•       Be sure to meet people in other industries, too

•       Make a networking goal, and stick to it

•       Outline your objectives and target networking audience

•       Network with your customers

•       Ask for introductions

•       Be kind

•       On the phone techniques – Always be the person that hangs up last

•       Smile and say good morning/afternoon/evening

•       Begin conversation on phone by saying ...

     Do you have a quick minute or did I call at a bad time (Respect – make them feel good)

•       Shut up and listen

•       On telephone cold calling – use mirror.  It really helps.  Look into the mirror. Make sure that you are smiling through the whole conversation.

•       Attitude – Go in assuming you like them, forget what you have heard.

      They can spot phoniness a mile away    

•       Go out of your way to compliment those who are usually uncomplimented.

•       Always use Sir / Ma’am.  It doesn’t matter who it is.  A simple thank you or have a great day will go a long way.

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