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While at a Networking Event

Be generous about sharing business tips, referrals and leads with noncompetitors. You are there to make connections and have relationships with the prospects. YOU are the expert in your industry.

Get to events early and plan to stay late. If you go, go. Try to spend as much time with every person you feel is worthy.

Keep in mind that networking is about being genuine. People can spot a phony a mile away. Don’t be that person with a plastic look, a canned smile and the exact same way to everyone.

Become known as a powerful resource for others. You are the expert. Show them why.

Be able to articulate what you are looking for and how others may help you. Be very specific. If they ask you. You don’t want to be general, because that’s the response you will get.

Give before you ask. You always want to give first. Let them see that you are interested in building THEIR business. Be the expert. Show them why you are and how you will try to find THEM business. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can walk into a room and walk out with 10 more sales people? That could happen! If you play your cards right.

This is very important. What can you do for them – be generous! Find out how you can a salesperson for them! Now I’m not saying for you to be a paid or commissioned salesperson, but you can be on the lookout for their business.

Be proactive.

Start conversation with others in the group. Don’t let anyone in the group just sit there. Get them part of the conversation. Ask them their opinion on the subject.

Most importantly, don’t talk too much – Listen

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